Varmam is an Indigenous System of Medicine which deals with the study of Secret Locations of life-centres in the human body, and its associations with the human body and its treatment, if traumatized.


The term Thanuology is derived from the name Almighty. Thanu, who is also named Siva. An ancient story is behind this derivation. It is said that Lord Siva happened to see His sons Ganapathy and Murugan, during their childhood, fighting and wrestling with each other. In the course of their single combat each one was pulling and hitting the other. Lord Siva stopped their fighting and enlightened them about the presence of various secret points (life centres) of the body and the ill-effects produced if these life-centres were traumatized. It is also said that His consort Parvathi who had long conversation with Lord Shiva and acquired the knowledge of Thanuology from Lord Siva. This is the Origin of Varmam (Thanuology). Iyan and Kaiyan born to Indira and Urvasi, who were experts of martial arts entered into deep meditation and were blessed with Varmam (Thanuology) by Lord Shiva. Iyan and Kaiyan had inturn taught Varmam (Thanulogy) to the people of Kudagu Nadu (Present Kanyakumari District) for their welfare.

The word 'Thanuology' may be a new one to Modern Science. But it is an ancient Indian Medical Science, not yet generally widely known among the people of India or the World.


Thanuology is an art as well as a Science. As an art it can be employed to attack a person to disable him (which is not normally done) and as a science, it helps persons recoup from the impact of such attacks. The science of Thanuology was therefore utilized by ruling kings of those days to treat the wounded and the disabled soldiers who were injured in the wars by their enemies.

Thanuology has also some similarities to other Martial arts such as Silambum, Sword fighting, Kalari etc. In these arts the life centres of men are made known to practitioners to enable them to achieve their ends. These Martial arts were extensively practiced by the people of Tamil Nadu and patronized by the ancient kings. The mastery over these arts helped the people and the soldiers to protect the country from the attack of enemies.


Martial Arts like Judo, Karate etc, have become very popular under the patronage of Foreigners like Japanese and Chinese. The Martial Arts are used now-a-days liberally by the people of India for defence purposes. By its extensive use, many persons become victim to attacks. The impact in the body of the victims causes damages or injury to life-centres. The person who is injured, may physically be rendered temporarily or permanently disabled. The aim of the person who practises Martial arts such as Karate or Judo is to over-power his opponent. But, his victory is achieved by causing damage to the life centres of the body of his opponent. The impact of injuries inflicted upon others is not taken note of. Accidents, arising from automobiles, trains, fall from trees, and tall buildings etc, are also another source of impacts. One should not forget such injury may at times be fatal. It should be remembered that, once the life centre of the body is impaired, such impact develops different types of ailments in later days. It assumes major proportions and causes various ailments as the age of the Victim advances. All these are due to ignorance of the effect of the damage caused to life centres by the practitioners of Martial arts. Almost in all cases the victims do not live long if they are not promptly treated for by expert Thanuologists.

It is Thanuology that brings to light the complete scientific aspects of such impacts. Thanuology is therefore excellent as a Science, besides being an art.


These martial arts, and also Thanuology were the boons of Lord Siva who conferred them on the three Tamil Kings, Chera, Chola, and Pandiya. Realising its misuse by Chola and Pandiya Kings, Siva had left with them the martial arts, and withheld the science of Varmam (Thanuology). By deep meditation the science of Varmam (Thanuology) was blessed by Lord Shiva to Iyen and Keyan. This science was thus left with a few Tamilian families of the South of erstwhile Thiruvancore. The richness and delicacy of this science has made these families secretive about it and it has been handed down from father to son, and Guru to disciple. Thanuology is purely a Tamilian Science. Other Martial arts are extensively used and easily available for learning.


The ancient Greek story, that our children learn in the preparatory class illustrates that the death of the Giant Goliath was brought about by the shepherd boy David by a hit at a vital spot on the temple. It would be an indication that the human body has a large number of life-centres and its defection would cause ailments and sometimes death.

Hundreds of Life centres of the human body lie dormant within bones, nerves, veins, muscles, joints, and inner organs and are found either deep or at the surface of the body. Vital life-centres are dominant on bones and joints. Medium life-centres on nerves, Striking life-centres on veins, Inner life-centres on muscles, and chronic life centres on blood clots formed due to impacts on the body.

As the flow of electricity is controlled by switches, the flow of life of the human body is controlled at the life-centres. Whenever the life-centres are traumatized by a hit or a cut either directly or indirectly then the whole body is left out of control. In other words the whole body is paralysed. This is manifested by symptoms like fainting, fits, sprain, swelling, bleeding, shivering, fractures, dislocations or even death.


Based on the fundamental principles, the human body is governed by 96 Thathuvams. There are 108 important life-centres in the human body, of which 13 are vital life-centres, and 96 Medium life-centres. Those 108 life-centres are seated in 5 broad regions.


According to Indian systems of medicine, Trithosas (which are the three humours on the body) condition the health of the human body. Vatha, Pittha and Kapha act in the proportion of 4:2:1 respectively. Its variation in proportions will lead to diseases in Thanuology, Vatham(Wind) dominates at bones and joints; Pittha (heat) at muscles; and Kapha at nerves. The impact of life-centres brings variations in the Trithosas. All diseases are classified under these three principles.


Wherever the life-centres are really defected the relevant place will be felt chill. Normally the pranavayu may stick up. There may be swelling, wounds, and pains. There may be signs and symptoms, peculiar to the defection of the particular life-centre. If the symptoms found on the victim, vary from time to time, and also uneasiness prevails upon, one easily can conclude that these are the signs of a serious case. Further in case the controlling (key) centre is neutralized and no change could be felt in the condition of the victim, one can very well conclude it is also a very serious case.

Only after the prescribed time limit, if the patient survives, he can be given the required treatment for recovery.


There are many secrets about the influence of the moon upon.

Milk of moon also works in fifteen places in each of the two sides of the human body. These places are also the active life-centres. After the full moon day, it is active at 15 places from toe to head on the left side, and after the New Moon day it is active at other places on the right side of the body. In these days, the respective place of human body wherein the milk of moon rests is defected on the days which fall on stars Swathi, Pooram, Ayilyam, and Kettai due to injuries, death occurs in all probabilities, knowledge about this would help the Thanuologist to give appropriate treatment for satisfactory relief to victims.


The classifications of life-centres, Centre of forces in the physical tenements, diagnoses, and the forms of treatment etc., are the fruit of centuries of research conducted by Tamil "Seers" who are styled as "Siddhas" and whose expressions and findings are transcribed in hundreds of works. Their works are of immense importance and guidance to later generations for a rational and healthy life, and wonders beyond all possible comprehension of the common people as well as academicians.


As Scientific development and progress takes place in the world, accidents are on the increase. This cannot be avoided. As a result 50% of the population suffers from various kinds of diseases. So also, when a man falls off from a height or from a running train, or a vehicle, he is treated by the orthopedic surgeon for the broken bones and other visible injuries. Irregular shape of the broken bone and joints are not cured by orthopedics. But there is remedy by Thanuology by Relaxel Medicine.

The impact of invisible injuries especially to life-centres as well as inner organs like lungs, heart, liver, head, brain etc, are left without being cared for. As a result, we find a large number of victims suffer, even after their bones were set right and other external injuries have been healed. Their ailments assume greater proportion, as their age time advances.


If the impact of Vital centres are not treated according to Thanuology, victims may suffer from nonspecific ailments like Tuberculosis, Asthma, pains and other in explainable complaints. For treatment of diseases like Tuberculosis and Asthma the worrying factor for the present medical specialists is the paucity of basis of such diseases. Thanuology opens up a new vista to such people who are in a dilemma as to the original causes of diseases. To avoid such a situation we have to treat the vital life-centres of Victims under the following methods.

1. Elakkumurai (Neutralising the damage caused)
2. Thadavu Murai (Massage the effective points)
3. Curing the defections by special methods
4. Kattumurai (Bandage - Bone fracture)
5. Maruthuvam (application of medicine)
& 6. Santhi Murai ( Divine Treatment) etc.

From the above explanation it is clear that Thanuology is more a Science than an art and has all similarities to other modern medical sciences.


It is seen in some southern District like by physicians Kanyakumari District etc., of Tamil Nadu that the physician is in the habit of enquiring of the patient as to whether he had any injury or impact to life-centres of body. This is to make sure that the impact on life-centres requires treatment under Thanuology. If the answer from the patient is in the negative, he is given normal treatment. This sort of enquiry helps the doctor to select the correct type of treatment and medicines. There are, in fact, some symptoms like fever, pain, uneasiness, etc., which are common to both type of diseases. Ignorance will not help the Doctor to cure the ailment. It will complicate the condition of the patient rather than curing the ailment.


It is useful to take careful note of certain points as guidelines for treatment of patients by Thanuology. Timely treatment of life-centres will ensure abundant hope and ample chance for recovery of ailment. The life which is cornered due to vital spots being traumatized, begins to regain its original vigour and vitality and runs as usual through the regions of the body, sooner the patient recovers from the defections of life-centres.

Each person has a fatal life centre in his physique. It is unknown similar to death of unknown time. By accident, if the particular fatal life centre is affected either by attack of others or other mans, he will die and cannot be helped.

Normally after pulse checkup of the ailing patient, he is declared as dead by physician and taken to burial ground for dispel. There are stay cases, such dead person comes back to life in the burial ground. Such occurrence can be awarded if the Uir nerve is checked to ensure he is actually dead or alive.


Thanuology which has many advantages is now readily at hand for us to enjoy its benefits. The information given in this article is meagre.