Dr. S. Chidambara thanu Pillai

Tamil Nadu possessed very rare fine arts which no other country in the world could boast of. Though these exist, whether veiled or forgotten, a few have a life-throb still among us. One such is the Art of Varmam.

I would like to make it clear that there is no relationship between Varma System of medicine and Acupuncture and its methods of recent origin. I stress this point with my experience of 45 years in the field and hailing from a family of 46 generations dedicated to Varma medicine. It would be better that people are made aware of it.

Life is propelled by Prana Vayu (Oxygen) in our body It gives life energy to the 72000 nerves found in the human body, When the flow of Prana Vayu is obstructed, life is at stake.

We find that about 50% of the people face some accidents or the other. Some have been victims of road accidents, fall from tall buildings, physical assaults, fire accidents, bruises, cuts injuries on bones, nerves, muscles, inner organs, senses etc. more . . .



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Excellent Correspondence Courses
1) Diploma in Siddha Medicine (DSM) English and Tamil 1 year 6 months
2) Diploma in Thanuology (Varmam) (Th.D) English and Tamil 3years
3) Diploma in yoga (DY) English 6 Months
4) Doctorate in Siddha Medical Sciences (DSMS) English 4 years
5) Diploma in Indian Sports Medicine (DISM) English 3 years
6) Diploma in Inventory Management (IIOMM) English 2 years
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Take Goldlog and Live One Hundred Years and more
Goldlog is an Elixir of life, scientifically prepared according to the Indian Siddha System of Medicine from rare herbs, gold, magnetic, iron, musk and other costly and harmless drugs that contain electric energy and carry oxygen to the blood.
Goldlog charges the liver of the human body with electric power and thereby rejuvenatses the whole body and prolongs life.
Goldlog is a blessing to the aged, transforms old age into youth, ill health into glowing good-health, and waning life into a strong and active one.
Goldlog gives new life to all the endocrine glands, increases the secretions of Hormones or chemical messengers of life and supplies nectar to every limb and prevents premature decay.
Goldlog is a renovator and body-builder, and a real panacea for the cure of all chronic diseases. One could become younger and stronger again in old age and enjoy a happy life by taking this divine tonic for longevity. Goldlog bestows virility, strengthens the will-power, enhances beauty, increases the power of the brain and nerves, heightens the power of retention, and in various other ways energies and strengthens the human frame, and makes one look younger again.
Goldlog is a hundred times superior to Siddha Makaradwaja, and to modern preparations from animal glands, and more efficacious than all other tonics of the modern day. It strengthens the Life forces in man and bestows longevity. It prevents premature old age and physical and mental depressions, bestows youthful vigour, and preserves beauty and strength for a very large number of years. It makes one look much younger even in old age. It enables man to live a charmed life against all its worst ills and belies the saying that life protracted is protracted woe.
A Panacea for all Diseases
Goldlog cures Impotency, Weak heart-palpitations, Lung troubles, Consumption, Dullness, Mental Weakness, Gonorrhea, Syphilitic poison, Anemia, Bloonlessness, Thin blood, Neurasthenia, Veneral diseases, Blood impurities, Rheumatism, Back-ache, Indigestion, Diabetes, Loss of vitality, Spermatorrhoea, Skin disease, Effects of old age, and a host of other chronic diseases. The weak and faded glands of the body will gain life and be more active and secrete a sufficient quantity of Hormones required for the prolongation of life and youth. It guarantees the rose of youth and vigour, and attainment of longevity, and eradicates senility or old age. It reconstitutes all the principle organs, recuperates all the vital energies and refreshes and rebuilds lost tissues, and refreshes not only them but also all the vital centres of the human system and gives them new life and function once again. Old and worn-out men and women with one foot in the grave recover their lost vitality and virility and are blessed with a long lease of bright and joyous health and happy life. It tones up the principal organs of the body for vigorous work, removes functional disorders, irregularities and reassures comfort and joy to decrepit age of both sexes. It checks the abnormal generation of acids in the body and thereby ensures longevity and health. It makes age laugh at time-honoured maxims, life is but a span, life is a walking shadow, a brief candle, a dream, and proves that the vast ocean of life is made up of cheerful yesterdays, happy to-days and confident to-morrows.
Goldlog restores youthful vigour, strength and brightness, rejuvenates the vital glands, strengthens the whole nervous system, miraculously recoups the full retentive power and banishes prematures old age and its deleterious effects, and blesses one with healthy long life and radiant youthfulness.
It is sure to be keep the body immune from all diseases and make men and women vitorious over all the ills of life and live for more than a hundred years, passing their winter lustily and kindly, without the miseries of second childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything, which usually attend on failing health and falling humanity. Please begin to take this body building rejuvenator, this nectar and giver of new life, this very day, and be blest with perfect health and prolonged life of ease, peace and enjoyment.
1 Bottle of 30 Capsules for one month course = Rs.6000/- /$275/?150/Euro 200
1 Bottle of 100 Capsules for 100 days = Rs.18,000/-/$800/?450/Euro 625
It is preferable to take Goldlog along with Kayakalpa Lehiyam
1/2Kg. of Kayakalpa Lehiyam Rs. 500/- /$30/?18/Euro 24
1 Kg. of Kayakalpa Lehiyam Rs. 1000/- /$60/?36/Euro 48
Postage 5% of the cost extra.
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