Varmam is an Indigenous System of Medicine which deals with the study of Secret Locations of life-centres in the human body, and its associations with the human body and its treatment, if traumatized.


The term Thanuology is derived from the name Almighty. Thanu, who is also named Siva. An ancient story is behind this derivation. It is said that Lord Siva happened to see His sons Ganapathy and Murugan, during their childhood, fighting and wrestling with each other. In the course of their single combat each one was pulling and hitting the other. Lord Siva stopped their fighting and enlightened them about the presence of various secret points (life centres) of the body and the ill-effects produced if these life-centres were traumatized. It is also said that His consort Parvathi who had long conversation with Lord Shiva and acquired the knowledge of Thanuology from Lord Siva. This is the Origin of Varmam (Thanuology). Iyan and Kaiyan born to Indira and Urvasi, who were experts of martial arts entered into deep meditation and were blessed with Varmam (Thanuology) by Lord Shiva. Iyan and Kaiyan had inturn taught Varmam (Thanulogy) to the people of Kudagu Nadu (Present Kanyakumari District) for their welfare.

The word 'Thanuology' may be a new one to Modern Science. But it is an ancient Indian Medical Science, not yet generally widely known among the people of India or the World.