International Institute of Thanuology

E - 32, Anna Nagar (East), Chennai - 600 102.

Phone : 044-26192906

Mobile : 9840629571

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It is also learnt that Thanu Foundation have applied for Indian Medical Council for permission to conduct courses leading to Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate in Thanuology besides a few Diploma courses such as Massiotherapy, Pharmacology, Indian Sports Medicine and Equipment operations to cure ailments in Thanuology.

Presently, International Institute of Thanuology, Chennai - 600 102 conducts Doctorate in Varma (Thanuology) Medical Science (DVMS). It is a 4 years correspondence study covering 52 subjects along with submission of a Project Report and three day workshop (practicals). More than 200 persons all over the countries have been awarded with DVMS.

From the above said facts, it will be seen that Thanuology has wide scope and usefulness to people all over the world. It is high time that the Government are to undertake comprehensive study of Thanuology by Institutes. The very popularization of Thanuology through the medium of colleges, Hospitals and Research centres will certainly go a long way to satisfy the long felt need of the people of the world.