Tamil Nadu possessed very rare fine arts which no other country in the world could boast of. Though these exist, whether veiled or forgotten, a few have a life-throb still among us. One such is the Art of Varmam.

I would like to make it clear that there is no relationship between Varma System of medicine and Acupuncture and its methods of recent origin. I stress this point with my experience of 45 years in the field and hailing from a family of 46 generations dedicated to Varma medicine. It would be better that people are made aware of it.

Life is propelled by Prana Vayu (Oxygen) in our body It gives life energy to the 72000 nerves found in the human body, When the flow of Prana Vayu is obstructed, life is at stake.

We find that about 50% of the people face some accidents or the other. Some have been victims of road accidents, fall from tall buildings, physical assaults, fire accidents, bruises, cuts injuries on bones, nerves, muscles, inner organs, senses etc.

Again Prisoners are frequently beaten up by police in order to get the truth. Moreover many people follow martial arts such as Judo and Karate in our land and many people get injured. Man-handling of ladies in the in-laws homes is another lot. Some time it also proves to be fatal. This is caused by a fatal injury to the life centres of the body.

If the body is sent for Post-Mortem, the cause of death is determined by external factors. If the cause of death is due to impact to the life centres, no evidence can be found by means of modern method of investigation.

Injuries caused due to the impact of accident on the body has led to countless diseases. This sorry state of affairs is thought provoking. It is unfortunate that modern science does not realize the enormity of this situation. As a result many victims face premature death and others live with impact diseases.

According to the fundamentals of Indian Medicine, the human body is made up of 96 Thathwas. Based on these thathwas there are 828 many life centres all over the body. The only form of treatment to injuries and impacts to life centres is through Varmam (Thanuology); curious enough, in Tamilnadu Thanuology has been mostly shrouded in secrecy for so long.

Injuries so formed can be classified under 2 types. External injuries such as bruises, cuts, fractures etc. and Injuries which affect the life centres of the inner organs, including brain heart etc.,

Today the patients who come to the hospital for treatment of diseases caused by injury to various life centres are not being treated specifically for this. They are treated as injury-cases only.

Injury to the life centres causes a number of diseases and the ailments which can manifest themselves over a period of time turn into chronic ailments, usually not feasible to have cent percent cure.

Further, due consideration is not given to the impacts on nerve centres when treating patients for injury. Operation are conducted with least care to the nerve centres and its sensitivity. This is due lack of knowledge about the techniques of varma science.

Since Varman was kept as secrecy, it could neither be popular among the people nor so far institutionalized to help others to know about the techniques of the medical science.

If there is a way to fully explore this truth, it is possible only with the help of Varmam (Thanuology).

According to techniques of Thanuology, the bones and joints are broadly governed by Vatha; the muscles and tissues by Pittha (Bile) and the nerve by Slerpanam (Phelgam). So injury to the various life centres associated with the wind causes Vatha diseases, nerves associated with heat cause Pitha diseases, and those of water (cold) cause Kabha diseases.

Before treatment is given to patients, it is imperative to diagnose the origin of the diseases, the movement of the organs, the nature of affection in the nerves, signs and symptoms, health-condition, classification, whether the case falls under ordinary or extraordinary nature.

If treatment is given superficially to arrest the disease, complete cure cannot be secured and after-effects would also crop up.

As laid down in Varmam system of medicine, application and administration of the prescribed oil, ghee, decoction and lehyam would work wonders and yield satisfactory results, apart from rendering retrieval methods.

If Varman Impact arises in the body, one can find out the nature of injury and feeling the Varma-pulse. Varma medicine is exclusively intended for giving relief to varma ailments only.

The statement of some medical practitioners that it is possible to cure all diseases by Varma medicine is unbelievable.

Besides Varma medicine is a divine gift delivered by Lord Thanu-ma-layan for the relief of patients suffering from impaired physical body cum life-centres. This branch of medicine has absolutely no relation or bearing to beasts and birds. To demonstrate Varmam with the aid of birds is a travesty of truth.

The medical Science of Varmam (Thanuology) deals with multifarious techniques to be employed in the cure of ailments. The science of Thanuology is dealt with in numerous treatises. Some of the important pieces of works of Thanuology are Varma Oli Nool, Varma Kannadi, Varma Odiurivu Sarri, Udal Pathi-Uyir Pathi-Udal Uyir Pathi nilayangal, Varma Kavasam etc.

Before imparting instructions on “Varmam-Art”, it would be better to closely scrutinise the merits and character of a student opting to learn this art. The Guru will impart full knowledge of the art way of Upadesa when he is satisfied that the student is equipped with humility, piety, presence of mind and good conduct.

If there is a traditional sports medicine in the world, it is nothing but Varma systems of medicine. It contains information regarding useful treatment to sports persons exposed to accidents. Hundreds of variety of medicines, methods to help build their body strength, techniques to improve their efficiency in the sports field.

It is therefore a paramount need and necessity to have Varmam (Thanuology) incorporated in the medical curriculam so as to help health care of the human beings.

One fourth of population all over the world today are suffering from diseases of sorts on account of Varma impacts. With the advancement of scientific knowledge and increased machnisation, diseases arising out of Varmam impact are also on the increase. This aspect of the situation needs to be seriously thought of by countries all over the world. It is really very important to find a solution to arrest this trend ere long.

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